Anonymous: are ballet and jazz similar, and if they're how much? I'm interest in taking both classes next year. (do you have tips to be flexible?)

Thanks for asking me such great questions, love!  In a sense, ballet and jazz are somewhat similar.  I would say that ballet has more structure to it, and jazz is a tad freer.  Ballet occasionally incorporates things from jazz, and jazz incorporates ballet technique very often.  Jazz is a little bit like a mixture, sort of.  Sorry it’s so difficult for me to explain!  They are both similar enough, and taking would would help you improve in the other and vice versa.  I recommend taking them both.  It’ll take you far!  Hmm.  Flexibility tips?  Well, I wouldn’t really want to tell you something different than a future dance instructor might tell you, so I think I’ll just leave you on the note that you will find out when you start taking classes!  Hope you have fun!  :D .xx

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